Oh the random quizzes I've taken

So, for whatever reason, I'm bored today, and have been taking many a random quiz on facebook. And for the most part, the answers seem to fit me well. Here's what I've taken.

What Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?
Which Office Character Are You?
How Sarcastic Are You, Really?
How Random is Your Bible Knowledge?
What Should Your Major Be?
Which Gossip Girl Character Are You?
What Wicked Character Are You?
Which Historical Female Figure Are You?
Which House M.D. Character Are You?
What New York City Borough Are You?
(notice the tv character quizzes. I may watch too much television)

So the Grey's Anatomy Quiz was wrong because it told me that I'm Christina, when I am clearly Meredith. I'm dark and twisty inside, and have abandonment issues. Kat is Christina. Come on, this clip says it all.

I am Meredith, and Kat is Christina kicking me out of bed.)

The Office Quiz told me that I'm Pam, and I can deal with that.

I'm Abnormally Sarcastic according to another quiz, which I also must agree with. What can I say, sarcasm and I are tight.

I'm not surprised by the random Bible Knowledge quiz either. I think I know so much because 1) I have been going to church every Sunday for my entire life and 2) I took Biblical Hebrew. Of course I know random things.

I LOVE that it told me that I should be a Humanities major, because I was a Humanities major! woot!
("Whether it be philosophy, English, psychology or history that interests you, you are going to college to learn about the world around you and how people think. Though you may not be completely sure what career you want after school, what is important to you now is expanding your knowledge. You are creative and curious and want to take the classes that interest you most. You don't mind writing, and you're slightly obsessed with punctuation and grammar. You enjoy reading, and long hours in the library doing research sound appealing to you, and you hope to study abroad in Europe soon.."
Yep, that's me, even though I never studied abroad.)

I'm apparently Vanessa Abrams on GG, which I'm totally cool with. Vanessa is the girl on the show I'd want to be. I mean, being Serena would be fun, but we all know that's not true when it comes to me. But I could be Vanessa. (And Blair and Jenny aren't even options. Shudder)

Of course I'm Elphaba from Wicked.

My historical female figure is Queen Elizabeth I. Great, strong, determined woman, who needed no man at her side. Yeah. (So I'm kind of a feminist, sue me.)

I'm Cameron from House, which is also cool, because I love Cameron. She's by far my favorite character, and I'm sad she's not on it as much anymore. Blasted, stupid new characters. Plus, I love her characters style. She wears the best clothes.

And what New York City Borough I am is Brooklyn, which is awesome, because I would totally live in Brooklyn!
"You're Brooklyn! When it comes to population you are King (as in King's County). Being the most populated borough you are home to over two million diverse residents. Italians, Puerto Ricans, African Americans, Hasidic Jews, you got them all! As the former home of the Dodgers and now the new home of the Nets, you enjoy having your own identity from other boroughs. "Brooklyn-Queens Day" gives students in your borough a day off while kids in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island are trapped in school. With an library system that is independent from the city's library system, you clearly are one of a kind. Celebrate your independence with a bang!"

All in all, my quizzes have been pretty accurate.

Oh, and since I already went on tangent about me being Meredith and Kat being Christina, I'll go on another random tangent of other friends as characters from various movies.

Missy is Hope from August Rush.

And Shawn is Rhino from Bolt. His voice, the totally awesome part, is totally Shawn!

That is all.


Missy said…
thank you laruen
i truly appreciate it
but you didn't put in the part about the prodigy :)

and i totally agree with shawn being rino

and i miss you
Hilarie Ann said…
i don't remember hope from august rush...
kelseykels said…
Well gee, I feel kind of special now that I have a cyber-stalker. And you have way too much time on your hands if you have taken this many quizzes. I am quite impressed.

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