Another year, another tour

Another season of So You Think You Can Dance has passed, which means, I got to go to another tour! This time, I went with my awesome older sister, Julie! It was amazing!!

Julie and I went with a couple of her friends to the tour. The seats we had were literally, the second to last row. So we're sitting there, just talking before the show starts, and this girl comes up to the top asking if there's a group of two. She had tickets with her mom, but her mom found better seats a couple days before, and they had tried to sell the tickets, but couldn't, so now they were just trying to make someone's night. Julie and I weren't going to ditch her friends, but they were all, you guys should go, so we went with the girl and got to sit way closer. (Seriously, check out the seating chart. We started in section 403 and got to be in 202!

The show was fantastic! They did a lot of dances from the season, and also dances made specially for the tour. So much fun!

Yes, there are a lot more pictures (I'll probably post more later), but my favorite moment was this...

Meeting Lauren Froderman, this seasons winner, was amazing! :)

Best night ever!


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