Memories of Hunter

So, it's been about a month since my beloved cat Hunter died, and I decided that it's finally time to write out some memories I have of him. He was a great cat.

So, when Hunter was a kitten, he was fairly mean. I mean, he was nice to me, but I don't think he was that nice to other people. I remember that he was always ready to attack. Even in the middle of the night, when he'd be sleeping with me on my bed, I'd make one small movement, and there he'd go, attacking my feet.

We liked to joke that he was a vegetarian cat. There was one time he jumped on the table after dinner, and stuff had been left on the table, and he started stealing lettuce from my mom's plate. He also loved corn and peas. Any time we had a meal and corn was the vegetable, I'd call him over and give him some. I don't know what it was about corn and peas, but he loved them.

After we got multiple cats, we started using the clumping litter, and Hunter hated it. Seriously, hated it. So much so that he'd balance on the edge of the litter box, three paws on the side of the box, only one paw in the box, and pee like that. It cracked me up. He also peed ridiculously loud. Seriously. I was laying on the floor of the family room once, and I heard this noise like water running, but I didn't know where it was coming from. I got up, and it turns out that it was just Hunter. So funny.

I had this whistle I would do, but I can't explain it in writing. Anyway, Hunter was so well trained, that he would be outside wandering, down one of the culs-de-sac (because the plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac. Oh the things I learn from Gilmore Girls), and he'd hear it, and come running home. It was awesome.

All of our cats have enjoyed following laser pointers, but Hunter was the most fun. He's the only one I could get to run up the wall chasing it.

We once owned a dog, for about half an hour. This dog was big, but it wouldn't hurt a fly. Hunter freaked though. The dog might not have hurt Hunter, but Hunter definitely would have done damage to the dog. Dad took the dog back.

I got home from work about the same time every day. And when I got home, if Hunter was out side, he'd come running to the car, and then stop at the edge of the lawn and pee. I thought it was funny. He was just so excited that I was home that he couldn't contain himself.

Hunter was very good at letting us know he needed something. You'd be sitting on a chair, and then you'd feel this tapping. It was Hunter. He liked to tap in threes. He also talked a lot. He'd meow at you. You'd meow back. It was an entire conversation.

He loved to drink water from the sink in the bathroom. He was never one to drink from the toilet, but he loved the sink. And a lot of times, after someone turned the water on for him and he was done drinking, he'd just sit there and stare at it. We liked to call it cat tv.

I'm sure there are lots of other memories I'm forgetting about right now. We did get him when I was 11. But he's definitely remembered.


Kat said…
Bye, Hunter. As your favorite lap, I can say you will be missed.

Seriously, I wish my own cat liked sitting on my lap as much as Hunter did. Those are my best Hunter memories.
Thanks for writing these all down.

I have one extra one. About Kara being "fud" because cats don't spell good.

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