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Student Activities Board holds first 'BYU Idol'
By Amanda Wallace - 15 Sep 2008

The Student Activities Board production had its first show Wednesday night. Stephanie Lewis took first place, Alex Pizza came in second and Lauren Neaves took third, earning the judge's choice.

Pizza, an advertising major from North Wildwood, N.J., was pleased with her performance of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.

"The stage is my favorite thing in the world, so I really felt at home," Pizza said.

The judges were also impressed with Pizza's delivery.

"After that performance, we all will always love you," said Tyson Harmon, a BYU Idol judge and a cappella singer.

The night started with a performance from media arts major Tristyn Tanner. Cary Carr, a math major, followed Tanner's act with an entertaining routine to "We Like to Party" by the Venga Boys.

Carr had the crowd dancing and singing as he jumped and discoed about the stage.

"I've never seen a math major work it like that before," said Jared Larsen, a BYU idol judge and program director on the Student Activities Board.

Carr was later dubbed "The Dance Machine" by BYU Idol host Spencer Glenn.

In a moment's notice, Carr and Rusty McDonald, another contestant who broke it down to Smash Mouth's "All Star," were called back on the stage for a dance-off.

The men shook and shimmied to Ciara's "One, Two Step." Both were declared winners of the dance-off and received free T-shirts from the Student Activities Board.

After all contestants performed, they gathered on the stage to initiate the audience voting. Each contestant stepped forward, and the crowd cheered for the performers they wanted to win. A decibel meter measured the volume of the cheers, and the two Idolists were awarded accordingly.

The panel of judges-Harmon, Larsen and Lucas Simplicio, a stand-up comedian-deliberated for the third.

"The judges were too nice for most of the night," said Chalece Hardy, a pre-clinical laboratory science major from Draper. "Some of those people did not deserve the compliments they got."

Spencer Hill, a biology major from Lindon, agreed.

"I was wondering the entire time where they got them [the judges]," he said.

The next BYU Idol performance will be held in October. Visit for registration details


Julie said…
So you were the judges favorite, eh?

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