And I have returned to school. It's the second week of classes, and I must admit that I'm a little afraid. My classes seem somewhat intense, though hopefully not too bad. I think I'm nervous because I haven't received all of my textbooks too.

One of my teachers drives me nuts. It's my philosophy of religion teacher. Well, our co-teacher. The assigned teacher is team teaching, and the guy he's team teaching with is a pompous prick. He wrote the textbooks we're using, and his day job is being a lawyer, and he's told us many times that he's "generously giving us his time" because he's not getting paid to teach us, he's merely gracing us with his presence. Does he know what the word "gracious" means? Because if he really was graciously giving me his time, he wouldn't need to tell me that he's graciously giving me his time. And he name drops like crazy. "Well, when I was having lunch with Elder Bednar the other day..." Seriously? That's supposed to impress me? Are you implying that you're more worthy then I am because you know an apostle? I hope Elder Bednar saw through your facade. And his whole lecture feels so contrived. It's as if he went through it over and over again, and purposely put in "jokes", forcing them into what he's lecturing about. It's ridiculous.

But it's my last semester, so hopefully it'll all be worth it. And I did apply for graduation today. (Which, can I just say that it's really lame that you have to apply to graduate and pay a $15 fee. Have they not made enough money off of my education? Those bastards.)


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