Road Trip

Here's my adventure across the country, from Pennsylvania, stopping in Idaho, and ending in Utah. 

Mary was the first to drive. 

I took the wheel after a while

Leaving Pennsylvania and entering Ohio. (We stopped at every state sign, minus Illinois, because there wasn't one.)

A picture of Mary and I, with me driving

Leaving Ohio and entering Indiana. I like our shadows. I'm on the left, and Mary's on the right. 

You get a little stir crazy after being in a car for a while. 

Mary and I at a restaurant in Chicago. We got great pizza. 

The night we were in Chicago was New Years Eve, so we went to the Navy Pier for fireworks and music and dancing, etc. So much fun. 

Inside the Navy Pier.

Mary and I inside.

Leaving Illinois and entering Iowa.

Apparently the world's largest truck stop is in Iowa. Who knew. 

Leaving Iowa and entering Nebraska. 

Did I mention that you get stir crazy after a while?

Leaving Nebraska and entering Wyoming. 

The next day we made it to Rexburg, Idaho. 

I decided to jump on Mary's back in Rexburg. It was fun walking around there again. It'd been 5 years. Weird. And there are so many new building on campus. Crazy. 

I finally got to see the Rexburg Temple, since it wasn't built when I was at school there. 

Mary just wants to get out of the car.


Random picture of Mary. 

This is where the fire extinguisher in my old complex should be. Instead, in case of fire, you're screwed. 

Mary and I. 

And I got to see Molly while I was there too. 

All in all, I had a great time. 


Sherry said…
Great pictures! You and Mary look so cute......

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